Special Thanks


Special Thanks

Dear lovely mummy, sister and brothers, Sunlightug respecting you for good love, since from 12-09-2012 up to now days.

Ekitibwa ne tendo bibadire in name of Jesus Christ.

1. Nagirinya Christine    2.Tyaba Charles Pearl Bros    3. Nakachwa Madinah,   4. Lovely mummy,                    5. Kimbugwe Sulu Mirax , 6. Mbaweera Hadijah, 7. Ismail kyobe Zenji studio, 8. Namusoke Zaujah, 9 . Amorati Prossy,  10. Gerald Busigye Ateenyi Umc.

May God bless you all times.

The only one thing to help each other, you will be seeing your next.

Okubeerawo kwo.

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