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You Blessed

Special Ways  Film makers we are  blessed, coz special tools to do anything. we can block everything through entertaining, so please let us love God with all their Angels. You have to praise God every time, love each other without Kusosola oba musiru, mugezi, mulungi, mubi, mugagga, mwavu, love her or him. One time One day, […]

Mission and Target

Artists World Means the home of entertainment. Means is the best way of pipeline of movies and all entertainment with power of God. Mission To teach people through entertaining and connect artists with good vibes. Target To be honest and successful in terms of money. @ugandanfilmstars

New projects

Sunlight film productions with Kiamo Film academy now presents  Sensus Error By Jonathan K Kabaka  Dear Lord, we come to you with a heart full of gratitude as this week comes to an end. Thank you for your guidance, protection, and blessings throughout the week. Thank you for the challenges that helped us grow and […]

🕊️ Blessings

Father in this new week, we speak restoration. Restoration of lost opportunities, restoration of peace, healing, forgiveness, and mending the brokenhearted. As we start this week, we believe in a fresh start. In Jesus’ name amen.   #prayer.


Viewers Online Film Festivals 2024 Submission 20-07-2024 20-08-2024 Mission Film makers to be honest and successful in terms of money. Vision Teach people through entertaining. Our Target To market and promote film world wide. Categories Short film Future film Serie movies Documentary film Animation movie For more information +256 767 115 863   […]